Wednesday, January 13, 2010


That is where I have been. Mental, physical, lost in space Limbo. Not even the FUN kind of Limbo, where we see how low we can go, either. (Yeah, right. With MY back? HA~ We could take bets on how long it would take to recover!)

I've been working Sonny religiously, and riding, and that is... about it. Not gaining anything back, but not exactly LOOSING anything either ya know?

The Deep Freeze sent me into stasis. I swear. That wasn't me out in the cold working Sonny, it was my Evil Twin. Had to be- because my BRAIN was not engaged at all!

However, it looks to be warming up down here. Which is good- as maybe those last two brain cells (that the children have not yet fried) will thaw, and motivation can be created once again. Starting with the "Team Cowgirl Up Club": where the Motto is "SHUT UP AND RIDE!"

ETA: I did. I shut up and rode. And it was AMAZING! ;)


GunDiva said...

I am sooooo in need of equine time. My whole mood has gone to sh*t and I just need some time with my baby girl. Ride time would be best, but even grooming time would help my mood immensely. The worst part is that she's out to winter pasture and I won't get to see her until March or April. That makes the horse-loss depression even worse. So, would you do me a favor and give Sonny some extra love for me?

cdncowgirl said...

You should add the Shut up and RIDE link to this blog too.

I went shopping and got a few SU&R things.

Anonymous said...

w00t! Go Mrs Mom!

I am having a horrible off week, this week. My knee feels a bit spongy and I'm tired and I don't want to run. Heck, I've been driving Dude to the bus and not even so much as walking. I could give you a litany of excuses about the weather and how wet clay soil is like a wet ice cube and I don't want to put my already goofy knee at risk, but it's just EXCUSES! Instead, I will tell you that I'm feeling lazy and tired and tired because I'm being lazy!

Please come boot me in the rear. Light a fire under me. Oh, and while you're at it, pray that the weather will hold so Casey will be home tomorrow (my pony boy)!

Mrs Mom said...

Hey CDN- I dont know how to add links on this blog. My thingymabobber wont allow for that.... can you do it please? And add me some stats too? Pretty please with green grass on top? :)

GunDiva- I slobbered Sonny from you, and the World's Sweetest little Ponies today too. I'll ride for you tomorrow! ;)

OS- Fingers Crossed baby, that Casey can make it home tomorrow!!

Boot you in the rear? Umm.... well, when Casey gets there, get yourself a SHUT UP AND RIDE hat ;) It will be like having part of Team Cowgirl Up right there with you! hehehe Seriously though- take care of that knee. They are slow to heal, and not overly forgiving. Be smart about what you do, and do what you can. We are NOT in a race here girls- we are here to take it one step at a time, and reach OUR healthier markers in Life.