Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to day 4 of 2010

So, here it is - January 4th, 2010. Where does the time go???

I'm a bit hesitant to make big goals as I have a pretty bad history at accomplishing big things. I really need to break things down into smaller objectives - that way it doesn't seem so daunting. I'll try not to bore you guys with the minutae of my goals - but instead give you a bit of a summary. I actually have the three main goals below broken down into SMART goals on a big, geeky spreadsheet, so I will spare you guys the pain of reading each little item! (Aren't I nice? lol)

1) Improve my financial situation. I have a tendency to spend money like it is going out of style. I put up with a mind-numbing job for my money, so I had the notion that I deserved to spend as much as I wanted. That hasn't really worked out so well for me. Horse equipment is especially tempting. (Hence the no tack shop purchases until June 2010 goal on my other blog!)

Hubby and I wrote up a household budget this weekend and it is kind of exciting to have a grip on that stuff and to be in agreement about it all. I have some leeway to buy new clothes if required, but I have a ton of stuff in various sizes, so I'm hoping to be ok until June. I'm not cutting everything out of my life - just the crazy extra stuff - buying magazines and books, going out to lunch/dinner all the time... basically trying not to buy stuff I don't really need for a while.

2) Focus on my health, both physical and mental! My health problems of 2009 have really made me sit up and take notice. Previously, I have been a bit overweight and it hasn't really affected me all that much, or so I thought. I am really a believer that being overweight causes inflammation in the body and that inflammation is silent until it gets to be too much and then it manifests itself in some way in your body... (Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil talk about this if anyone is interested in googling it.)

So - some SMART mini-goals in this are:
  • to start working out (gently at first) 3-4x/ week and gradually increase the intensity.
  • Also, I will be keeping a journal of any symptoms/problems as required, to help my dr's diagnose and treat any issues.
  • eat more vegetables and healthy foods - and make a strong attempt to reduce the amount of sugar I consume. I will achieve this by reading more, planning out menus ahead of time and doing the prep work required.

3) Clear out the clutter (both physical and mental) I have a bit of clutter around the house, on my computer, in my email inbox(es), on my desk at work, in my brain, etc. etc. I have been working on the house and my computer since October and I am making alot of progress.

I have also been unscribing from all kinds of (basically) junk emails that I was all excited about last year. They tempt me into buying things and just clutter up my inbox. This purging feels great - I feel like I am taking back control of my life.

Mentally, I spent some time this fall pondering my decisions and life over the past few years - looking at the good and the bad. I ended up focusing too much time on the bad and not-so-good and hindsight just isn't all that helpful.

I am going to work on being positive, seeing the positive in life (even when it is hard) and repeating the phrase that hubby hit me with last week while talking all of this out... "Every day is a gift". That pretty much sums it up for me. Every day is what we make of it, so I need to work on trying to do something every day that I feel good about, so that I won't look back over these next 10 years and regret everything...

Actually, alot of my goals stem around the Nike phrase of the 90's "JUST DO IT!". I really need to show up for life and just do things. I tend to worry, plan, over-agonize, stress, worry some more and it is really annoying. I tend to keep all of those issues in my head and not bore people with it (until now - lucky readers!)

It is now time to put on my big-girl britches and cowgirl UP! Yeehaw! Let's go!


Mrs Mom said...

You Go Girl!

De-cluttering is a HUGE way to help there. I love tossing stuff out. Dear Husband says if he has not used it in a year, out it goes either to the trash, Goodwill, or for sale. I kinda like the for sale stuff, simply because I really enjoy making a bit of "extra" money! ;)

Finanaces? Two Words:

Seriously. Go there:

The man is a God-send. If you listen, he will teach amazing things ;)

Now Go Get 'Em Laura! (And kiss Rusty from me while you are at it! hehe)

Laura said...

@Mrs. Mom - yep, have DR's book... I'm using some of his principles in my budgeting, as well as a Canadian lady named Gail Vaz-Oxlade - lots of good info on her site as well -

I sort of wish I'd taken pics of all the bags of stuff I've been throwing out over the past few months!! :-)

Flying Lily said...

Yeehaw indeed!! I am with you on all these goals. I am going to be throwing away, selling, or donating a ton of stuff as soon as this ice melts off and I can get the truck out. And mental baggage - now that is harder to donate! But even more hard to bear. So I am going to work on that too.

oregonsunshine said...

Go Laura!

I've been rather busy and haven't blogged my SMART goals here. Or, I'm pretending to be. Or maybe I'm just icing and trying not to cry over mild shin splints after every c25k session. Something like that.

I agree that being overweight can cause inflammation in the body, essentially triggering out immune systems to fight ourselves. I experience that. I've been experiencing that for years. My inflammation markers are sky high with no explanation. And I don't want any more stinkin' pills that leave me too tired to get off my @ss and fix the real problem. So, it's "buck up little soldier" for me!

I have a couple great Nike ads that I'll be using later on. And I really haven't forgotten about the quick and healthy eats post I promised either. See second paragraph above. ;)

Are you learning to like your veggies? Because, you know, Gillian says you can learn to like anything!

Laura said...

@OS - hope the shin splints go away with time... Do they go away the more you run??? Do you have good shoes?

My inflammation markers are high too - trying not to just sit around and worry, but do something about it!

I'm not too bad with veggies in general, I just tend to eat the same ones all the time. Broccoli, cauli, zucchini, carrots, celery... Love lettuce and spinach but can't eat much right now due to my meds...

I'm working with Gillian's books to try more though!

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Yep, when getting serious about controlling your money.. .Dave Ramsey..he is on the radio as well as has website.

We took his Financial Peace University class.. and recommend his plan. Budget is the biggie,as then you know where your $$ goes, cuz you sent it there!

oregonsunshine said...

@Laura- for the most part, shin splints are actually small tears in the muscle over your shins. Any muscle tears when it is building up, heals and that's how we get bigger, shapelier muscles. Even body builders get those miniscule tears when they're gaining mass. Eventually, this will no longer happen to me because my legs will be used to running.

You only have to worry about shin splints when they're really bad, like make you truly cry bad. Then, go to the doctor. Otherwise, it's good to give yourself a day of rest from whatever activity caused the shin splints to recover.

So, that is why I only run 3x a week, as advised for the couch to 5k program. Also, I ice for about 20 minutes right after I run. And I take some ibu to control the inflammation that will just naturally happen until I adjust more. I should add that it IS getting better with time!

I find that with that regiment, I'm ok as long as I'm not jumping or doing any other seriously strenuous leg activity the next day. I'll do farm chores, walk to and from the bus stop and either do some yoga or pilates instead.

Also, I should say that I took extra time starting the c25k program. I spent a couple weeks on Week 1 of the program, which probably allowed me to build up at a pace to avoid real damage. After all, most female runners aren't hauling around an upper double digit clothing sized rear around either.

cdncowgirl said...

Wow, the clutter comment... you been reading my mind? lol
It is my shameful, dirty secret. Clutter.
I was considering doing a post about it but it is a pretty painful topic for me. Pie likes to shop, I'd say he's got an addiction. And there is just no way we should have this little room in this house. Its frustrating me to high heaven that I keep throwing my stuff out to make room for more of his. Not that I'm an angel, I'm a packrat and hold onto stuff for fear I'll need it and for sentimental reasons. However I do periodically go through my things and sort them out.

Laura said...

@Cdn - clutter is a tough thing. I grew up with packrat parents, so we kept everything! The thing with my parents was that they were super tidy, so even though they kep everything, it was all strategically packed away.

I would be interested to read about clutter from your perspective...but if it is too painful, then don't worry about writing anything. Maybe you could chat with Pie about working out a way to clean up/organize the stuff? Not sure how that would go over...

I'm the shopper in our house, for the most part, but my hubby has a side business of selling and repairing bicylces. So there are often bike parts ALL over the house. We had a little chat about what stuff should go where (ie - NOT on the dining room table! lol) and I vowed to stop buying stuff and clean up some of my spaces and it has worked out well since then.

@OS - shin splints and muscle pain are one of the many things that are tough about starting to exercise again. I have to admit that I don't look forward to that - but you are right - it should get better in time...

oregonsunshine said...

As I'm finding, Laura, stretches make all the difference! One thing that's different from when we were taking gym class is that you should stretch AFTER you warm up your muscles, not before. Your muscles are much, much more flexible after they're warm, after at least 10 minutes of cardio. Stretching after a workout also reduces pain later on and reduces the chance of injury.

I keep learning about stretches I never knew about before for different body parts. There are stretches for preventing and helping reduce issues with your tensor fascia ligament (TFL- it's in your hip), with plantar fascitis, for stretching the calf muscle deep below the outer calf muscle (I don't remember the name of the muscle).

Anyways, my point is that there are ways to prevent pain and injury. Just remember to start slow and build up in intensity as you become more fit and stretch. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.