Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time Is On Our Side

This phrase comes up often- almost daily- in our hoof care practice. It comes up in conversation between Dear Husband and myself, when talking about Sonny. And when talking about my dismay with my rather rounded physique too.


It dawned on me tonight, after reading comments and trying to catch up on things, that I DO have Time. I have time to NOT put so darn much pressure on myself to go go go go go and do do do do do do. If I don't STOP now and then, and breathe deep, take a moment to see the sun, feel the ground beneath my boots or the horse between my knees, then I am too fried to give a rat's a$$ if weight has been lost or gained, or if I feel one tiny iota better or worse.

I did not get into this state of disrepair overnight. I will not change this state of disrepair overnight either. There is no deadline stating I MUST be XXX size/ weight by XXX date.

Wait- deadline. Dead. Line. That word always felt morbid to me. I don't *like* pressure like that, and often will balk and sour faster than a wrung out over run kids horse when it's applied to me.

As long as I have a realistic expectation for myself, I work fine. But saying that I'll be a size 10 by my birthday in September? Fagedaboudit. If anything, I'd pork up to a 20.

So just like we do with our horses ladies- Take The Time It Takes.

Be strong- we'll make it all the way to being HEALTHIER!


GunDiva said...

I'm all about the being healthier thing. I wish I could figure out how to make my gym time more like my horse time. There's no machine that replicates stacking hay, saddling horses, or grooming. I love doing that and it doesn't even feel like exercise to me.

cdncowgirl said...

I don't work well with a deadline either. I tend to procrastinate, and then that gets me no where.

I've also noticed that when I run myself too ragged I don't even notice how I feel until its gone on so long that my body is in self defence "crash mode".

Laura said...

taking the time it takes... good one MM!

It is so true - yet so hard to accept sometimes...