Monday, January 18, 2010

Checking in...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm in a suprisingly good mood, all things considered. The good mood could be due to the fact that I have an appointment with my trainer after work... :-) Pain and torture, here I come!

I feel like I am in a bit of a holding pattern with my life right now - hubby's job situation (worrying about my budget), dog with an ACL problem (and waiting for our vet appointment), my legs are better, (but not 100%), etc. etc. The one thing that is actually starting to sllooowwllly come together is my exercise program.

Usually exercise is the first thing I avoid or ditch when things get stressful and busy. Last week though?

I exercised 4 (yes four!) times!

And I went riding as well, which I don't really count as exercise because it is fun. I am slowly starting to see how some people use exercise as stress relief - I used to think people that said that were a bit crazy, but I'm changing my opinion on that (or maybe I am now crazy too - hard to say!).

Another thing I am taking note of as I re-start exercising for the 23987823th time, is how I feel at each stage. I'm sort of having fun watching all of my old excuses fall by the wayside. Let's have a bit of a retrospective:

Excuse 1 - I was waffling about what exercise(s) to do and for how long. Ha - solved that problem (for now) with a trainer.

Excuse 2 - I was worried about how sore my muscles and body would be - that often deters me as well. Well, I survived sore muscles and I'm here to tell the tale.

Excuse 3 - I don't have time - I have exercised 4 times this week and still had dinner with the hubby, been out to see Rusty AND watched my favourite tv shows... No time - pffffbbttt!

Excuse 4 and my latest mental struggle? I am a total weakling.

I have lost any and all strength that I once had. I actually hurt my bicep a bit last week doing curls with 8lb dumbbells! Yikes! It is sort of funny now, but last week I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. The old Laura would have used this as an excuse to stop working out - why bother, I'm so weak...etc. etc. For some reason now, it is just another little hurdle to get over instead of a big excuse.

I'm not sure what has changed in my thinking, but I'll take it!!! :-)


Ok - subject change!!! I have been working on preparing some exercise and fitness books for a little giveaway! I have the post written - just need to edit it and I'll be posting it later this week!


GunDiva said...

Congratulations on FOUR times last week! I think I only made it THREE times. Four if I count the hours of walking around at the Stock Show.

Mrs Mom said...

GO LAURA!!!! KICK ASS!!!!!!!!

Proud of you girl!!

Anonymous said...

Go Laura! You can do it!

PS I'm a weakling too! No upper body strength any more. But, I'm going to fix that!

cdncowgirl said...

Look at you go!!
4 times, congrats... although working out with Mr Hottie must be a bit of an incentive lol.

I'm with you, I don't really count riding as exercise. Although with all the poo I've been shoveling these last few days I should count THAT as exercise! lol

I've been having a similar experience with the excuses too. Especially the pain one. That used to be a major deterrent for me. Now I find I can push through minor pain or adjust things for worse pain.

Hope things work out for your man and your puppy. Kimfer's parents Rottie had issues with her ACL and she made a complete recovery, so here's jingles for Max