Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Still Here... Sort Of

And I have a question. OK, so this IS me we're talking about, and I *always* have questions, but this time I'm hoping it's one that you guys have some insight on.

It's about my feet. Back when I was bred and due to foal, my Doctor told me to expect a change in shoe size. They did- wider and at least a half size bigger.
Crap- wrong shot. THOSE feet I see in my sleep. In nightmares.

Now, four years later, post last child, my shoes and boots are slopping around on me like crazy. I noticed it some a few days ago, as my socks were sucked down into my boots, but I didn't think anything other than "Time to get new socks". Today however, when I went to cue Sonny, I needed to roll my heel into his side some to get his attention. And I'll be darned if my boot- which really was tied snugly- didn't about come off.

So. My question is: can it be? Is it possible? Or is it just time to invest in new socks and probably some not-so-broken in boots? Or can you actually loose weight in your feet?

The rest of life.. well, it's been. I've been on a fresh fruit kick, and feel better for it. More movement, more riding (when it isn't fricken RAINING,) and more walking around with the kids. (OK, so to be totally honest here, more CHASING AFTER the kids as they have gone wild and reverted back to primordial genetic memories and are acting like cavemen. Bad. Cavemen.)

But we'll make it. One step at a time, one ride at a time, one second at a time. I have duct tape holding my eye twitch from knocking my glasses off, but hey- at least when I remove the duct tape, I won't have to pay for a wax on that eyebrow, right?


Laura said...

Good question about your feet...

Could be that your boots are way stretched out - but if all of your footwear feels too big, then maybe something is up!

I guess it makes sense that when you are heavier, there is a lot more load on your feet - can they get smaller again when you lose weight? I dunno...

Keep us posted on that...!

Have fun chasing those wild mens around - I can say that as an experienced Auntie! :-)

cdncowgirl said...

Ship those little cavemen up here to play with my little friend Connor - his grandma works for us and he is a wild little man!!

As for your feet... hmmm, dunno. I've heard of this happening but only in people who carry a LOT of weight and then lose it. I agree with Laura that maybe it was just that pair of boots is way stretched out, but if it is happening in all your footwear then something may be up. Hey we all carry weight differently, maybe you had swollen feet?

GunDiva said...

Yes, I believe you can gain and lose weight in your feet. I know that my former boss, who had gastric by-pass went from wearing wide-sized shoes to "normal" shoes and lost almost a full shoe size.

Or it could be that your boots are "too broken in".

ORSunshine said...

Yep! Weight loss (or gain) can cause your shoe size to change. I'm noticing that phenomenon too. Just not as drastically.

Sounds like the Little Mens have spring fever already! The critters are getting it here too. Only it's early, waaay to early!

- Oregon Sunshine