Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Surprises Unveiled

On the first day of Christmas-Birthday my Corporate Prince gave to me: an ipod in pink!

Now I can easily listen to music while I work out without bothering anyone else in the house while it's blaring and workout outside if I so choose. Also, my ipod is limited to workout music alone which makes it very, very convenient.

On the second day of Christmas-Birthday my Kitty gave to me: 2 Polish hens!

If I'm going to have hens, I might as well have some that look like Muppets, right? These girls are a little beat up from being picked on by their former flock but are recovering nicely here with my own girls. Hopefully, their top-knots and tail feathers will come back soon.

On the third day of Christmas-Birthday my Doodle gave to me: 3 goaties!

These cute little munchers are the start of my herd. First up, de-blackberry my pasture! Next, put in another pasture for them to clear and so on, and so on, and so on!

On the fourth day of Christmas-Birthday Santa gave to me: Fitness books and dvds!

They say that knowledge is power. Fitness and health are power too! So, together this should be a powerful combination!

On the fifth day of Christmas-Birthday my in-laws and Dude gave to me: Workout clothing!

From the in-laws I received new trail runners, light weight gloves for the cold, a workout jacket with hood and new yoga pants, all matching. From dude, I got a down vest and matching fitness weight fleece. Oh, and Santa brought me a new sports bra too! What great motivation!

On the sixth day of Christmas-Birthday Santa brought to me: Buckets for my barn!

And new eye bolts and carabiner clips to hold the buckets! I also got a headlamp so I can see in the barn at night or put light exactly where I'm looking when I examine a wound, a stethoscope, because we horse people really should have one, and a new halter and lead rope for the Maddie-Cakes because I detest the ones she came with.

On the seventh day of Christmas-Birthday my CP gave to me: CASEY!

Casey was scheduled to come home on my birthday, the 27th, but the weather was awful and CP didn't want to jepordize Casey's well-being in any way. Then, we had him scheduled to come home on the 30th, but it snowed enough I didn't feel safe having him trailered up. Now, it's so rainy and everything is so sloppy that I don't want the trailer getting stuck trying to get here, nor do I want to try to introduce Casey and Maddie on the sloppy footing of my pasture where I may slip and fall myself. So, we wait for better footing and weather... There just always seems to be a delay! But, both CP and Tasha (our trainer) assure me that Casey will be brought home to me as quickly as can be done safely and humanly possible.

So, those were the big secrets I made you guys wait on! I was hoping to have pictures of Casey actually here at home before I posted this but that was not meant to be apparently. Hopefully, my muscle-bound baby will come home to a trimmer and more svelte mama soon!


cdncowgirl said...

Wow you had quite the haul! lol
Funny how some people are insulted by gifts like workout clothes/dvds/books and we're all "yay!"
And I'd much rather have stuff for the horses/barn than perfume and that kind of thing (Kimfer gave me hay bag/feeders for my trailer!!)
Looking forward to more pics of Casey (do you have info on your other blog about him?) and the hens and goaties. BTW what kind of goats are they?

oregonsunshine said...

cdn- the gray and the black goats are pygmies, the white goat is a pygora. We're hoping to add some more pygoras into our herd as my mom has taken up spinning her own yard in her retirement. My haul? Well, I DID have Christmas followed by my birthday! Plus, I think the in-laws are trying to make up for being horrible to me for the last couple of years. When my MIL feels guilty, she assuages it by spending money. I don't mind benefitting since it benefits me in a healthy way. As for more info on Casey, yes! It's on my other blog! I'll post links later. Right now, it's about time for me to go get Dude home from the bus and catch my last bit of exercise before chores and night fall.

Laura said...

Wow- what a great bday/Christmas you had! I'm glad you got all of that great stuff. I love my ipod and use it all the time - at work, at home, etc.

I need to go check out more info on Casey! So glad to hear that he is coming home soon.

Mrs Mom said...

WoW OS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you girlfriend!! Love the goaties- they are fricken adorable.

What a handsome horse Casey is too!! Cant wait to hear of your adventures with him!!!

You Go Girl!