Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fallen off the wagon...

And scrambling to get back on…

Up until recently I have been doing well with my new exercise and diet goals. I was bringing my lunch to work each day and walking the stairs at least once a day. Then I got busy at work and worked through 3 days worth of breaks. I was exhausted at night and bought dinner instead of cooked it which meant I didn’t have leftovers for the next day’s lunch. See where this is going?

I had fallen off the wagon.

I am working to get back on though, I am back to taking tennis lessons and each night I have done pushups and crunches (much to the amusement of my dog I might add). I did the stairs yesterday, 5 flights of them. I was winded at the top (not good) but I can feel the improvement. Each day I am a little less winded and I feel more energetic.

My co-worker and I are thinking about taking a cruise to Mexico in the next year, and I want to wear a cute 2 piece bathing suit on the beach and look good doing it. I think I can reach that goal.

I’ve also renewed my love of DDR. Heard of it? It’s Dance Dance Revolution, a video game that is available for most all of the video game consoles. You “dance” to selected songs by stepping on arrows on your dance pad as they appear on the screen. It will give you a cardio workout like you won’t believe


Laura said...

Hey SG - good to hear from you!

The wagon is waiting for you - climb on! :-)

My pets are funny when I workout at home too - mostly the cat. He tries to sit on my stomach if I do situps...

I've heard of DDR - I've always wanted to try it, but I'm kinda clumsy, so I would probably end up with a sprained ankle or something!

cdncowgirl said...

Good to hear from you again!!

Everyone 'falls off the wagon' now and then. All that matters is that you get back on :)

I have a Wii and am considering getting DDR, I was thinking it would count as a workout. Do you need a lot of space to play it?

SquirrelGurl said...

Thanks for the support everyone!

As for the space requirements, you don't need too much. Our dance pad is maybe 3x3? I can measure it if you like.

The biggest deal is giving yourself enough room that you aren't afraid to step in each direction without looking.

You will LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

給你一個鼓勵 ..................................................

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment yesterday but Blogger decided it didn't like me, again!

First, welcome back SG!

It's good to know that you like DDR. I've been considering getting it for Doodle for our house. And, I've heard that We Cheer for the Wii is a great workout too!

And, this is to everybody, anything that gets you up, moving and sweating counts as exercise. Exercise doesn't have to be boring or hard or blah. It can be fun too!